Austempering Furnaces

Ipsen's range of salt-quench-type austempering installations are well suited for bainitic transformation of steel. The installations come in two types - one with separate heating and quenching chambers and the other with integrated heating and quenching chambers, like a conventional sealed quench furnace.

Ipsen austempering furnaces are suitable for salt temperatures up to 300 °C. The heating chamber can be used for a variety of atmosphere controlled processes.

Installations with separate heating and quenching chambers are equipped with a special loading machine which serves the dual purpose of loading charges into the heating chamber, as well as pushing the charge from heating to the quenching chamber. After the quenching chamber, a normal unloader / loader extracts the charge.

It then moves on rails to load and unload the charge to and from the washing machines and tempering furnaces.

In integrated installations, a conventional loader is used for loading charges to the heating chamber; then, from there, Ipsen's classic built-in cold chain drive is used to transfer the charge to the to salt quench chamber. After quenching, there is either a normal unloader / loader to extract the charge and take it to the washing and tempering units or, alternately, a multi-station tempering furnace with a built-in charge unloading / loading system is used to quickly unload the charge from the salt bath and take it through the tempering unit. This saves cycle time because the tempering furnace is maintained at the same temperature as in the salt quench, and so the rest of the bainitic transformation can take place outside of the salt bath.

To discuss your atmosphere furnace requirements, contact Prashant Dusane, Sales Manager - Atmosphere Products.