Endothermic Generators

Endothermic Generators have a modular design and are available in several sizes (G350-G4000) to meet the needs of Ipsen customers. For ease of use, programs are preinstalled for regeneration of the retort (conditioning cycle), starting and cooling down. These generators can be electrically heated or gas fired, as well as equipped with either highly efficient air-cooled or water-cooled heat exchangers. In accordance with Ipsen standards, the amount of endothermic gas can be reduced down to 40 percent of the maximum output for every generator.

Standard features of Ipsen Endothermic Generators include: 

  • Messaging display provides automatic alerts when the retort needs to be cleaned
  • Differential pressure signal is used during the conditioning cycle at the gas inlet and outlet of the retort
  • Quality of gas is automatically controlled using humidity sensors (dew point control) or a Lambda probe
  • Installation of a safety nitrogen purging line on every Endothermic Generator

Optional Filter Systems and EndoSave Systems  

Every generator can be equipped with a double-filter system to keep soot and other impurities from entering the piping system. For customers using a combination of various generators, it is possible to install one large double-filter system. This filter system can be used without  interruption, and it is possible to switch directly to the second filter (in case one filter needs cleaning or replacement).

An EndoSave system can be installed to reduce the amount of gas to lower than 20 percent of the maximum value, depending on the needs of the active furnaces. The amount of gas produced is only as high as the amount needed, which eliminates the useless burnoff of excessive endothermic gas directly from the generator.

When multiple generators are equipped with the EndoSave system and supply through the same main endothermic gas pipe, an EndoProf control system can also be installed for automation. Maintenance plans can be integrated for the generators in the EndoProf system, and a generator can be automatically switched to standby mode if less endothermic gas is needed.

To discuss your atmosphere furnace requirements, contact Prashant Dusane, Sales Manager - Atmosphere Products.