ISO Thermal Annealing Furnaces

A continuous furnace in which grids loaded with forgings are transferred through the furnace on steel or silicon carbide rails or on a roller hearth, all in accordance with a preselectable cycle time and profile. 

The plant is used for the heat treatment of forging parts with or without atmosphere. The charge baskets or grids first travel to a high temperature furnace that reache up to 900-950 oC. Each basket then moves to a rapid (quick) cooling chamber, which is separated by airtight intermediate doors. 
The parts cool down to ISO Thermal temperature (650 oC).The baskets are then conveyed to a continuous ISO Thermal annealing furnace. The furnace enables temperatures between 600 to 750 oC. After which, the parts travel to a cooling station and are then moved to an unloading station. 

The benefits of these furnace plants are:
  • High throughput with ease of automation
  • Excellent process reproducibility
  • Reduced personnel costs with ease of operation
  • Optional provision of a normalizing facility for flexible usage
  • Both gas and electric heating options are available
To discuss your atmosphere furnace requirements, contact Prashant Dusane, Sales Manager - Atmosphere Products.