Sealed Quench Furnaces

Sealed Quench Furnaces

With over 200 units all over India, the Ipsen Sealed Quench furnace has clearly established itself as a market leader. Some of the reasons for our customers' trust and repeat orders:

Strict compliance to Ipsen designs and specifications
From the very first furnace that we built in 1984, our focus has been on zero deviation from the design features, principles and specifications that make the Ipsen name an international byword. No other Indian make with claims to international technology collaboration can state this with the confidence that we can. Every furnace bought from Ipsen upholds our reputation for high-quality, reliable products.

Low, best-of-the-industry operating costs
With its unique, flat silicon carbide hearth design, the charge fixture base is supported over the whole area. This allows an Ipsen Sealed Quench furnace to load more net weight of charge without deforming the fixtures. Coupled with Ipsen's proven process control technology and patented atmosphere systems, the Sealed Quench furnace has low operating costs and short payback periods on the investment.

Imported critical components
All critical components are imported for our Sealed Quench furnaces, thus granting peace of mind and ensuring every Ipsen furnace is consistently built with quality materials.

Continuous technology backup around the world
Ipsen customers are guaranteed technical backup from Ipsen's extensive R&D setup in Germany, as wll as Ipsen's collated field expertise from its operations in 34 countries, which are spread over three continents. 

Unparalleled service and spare parts support
You don't have to stock critical spare parts...we will. Plus, high value parts come with free installation supervision. Add to this our regular visits for free checkups and adjustments, and you know why our furnaces have the highest uptime at minimum inventory cost to customers.

Unique silicon carbide muffle system
All Ipsen Sealed Quench furnaces are equipped with a specially designed, high refractory silicon carbide muffle assembly, which consists of a flat, perforated hearth, solid vertical side walls and a perforated arch. The muffle ensures uniformity in charge heating and atmosphere circulation with zero "cold spots" in the charge. No other make offers this feature in India.

Patented "Cold Chain" drive
Charge transfer from the heating to cooling chamber is done by means of an in-built, totally enclosed chain drive system. The endless chain is in two parts: one made from a high-heat resisting alloy, and the other from AISI 310 grade stainless steel. While the charge is being heated, the high alloy portion is exposed to the furnace temperatures, whereas the other "cold" portion is used to push the charge to the cooling chamber. This avoids plastic deformation of the chain and ensures its long life.

Hydro-pneumatic actuation for front / inner door and elevator
Use of hydro-pneumatic cylinders for actuation of front door, inner door and quench elevator ensures smooth, jerk-free movement.

External oil jacket cooled vestibule chamber:
The cooling vestibule chamber is cooled by oil flowing through an external MIG welded cooling jacket. This ensures zero possibility of corrosion or water ingress into the quench oil in the event of any leaks. 

"Over Pressure" oil cooling system
Sealed Quench furnaces are equipped with Ipsen's "Over Pressure" oil cooling systems, which avoid the possibility of accidents due to water ingress into the quench oil as the oil pressure is always higher than the water pressure. Furnaces are also available with air cooled oil cooling systems.

Latest "flameless" ignition of flame curtain
In conventional designs, a pilot burner flame burns continuously at the unloading door to ignite the flame curtain whenever the door opens; however, this often wastes expensive gas. In the Ipsen design, an ignition device is automatically activated whenever the door is to be opened. This allows the gas to automatically flow when the ignition is activated, resulting in the flame curtain. Thus, the gas is consumed once in a cycle instead of throughout the day.

Unique rear door design
In the Sealed Quench furnaces, the rear (unloading) door moves inside a frame that can be moved away or clamped with respect to the furnace shell by four cylinders. While opening the doors, the frame is first pushed away and then the door is lifted, so that the seals are not worn or rubbed down. After the door is closed, the cylinders retract, effectively drawing the door onto the seals and clamping down, allowing for better sealing.

To discuss your atmosphere furnace requirements, contact Prashant Dusane, Sales Manager - Atmosphere Products.