TITAN's simple-to-master control system operates in most languages, switches easily between units of measure, provides real-time data acquisition, trending and archiving, and stores up to 1,000 recipes.

TITAN DS - Debind and Sinter

The TITAN DS brings the MIM and Powder Metallurgy industry a large step forward as it enables a wider range of manufacturers, heat treaters and met labs who need higher volume in-house sintering.

TITAN T - Vacuum Temper

Built off of the innovative TITAN<sup>&reg;</sup> platform, the TITAN<sup>&reg;</sup> T true vacuum temper furnace combines cleanliness and efficiency through the use of both vacuum and convection heating.


The robust design and superior technology of the SuperTurbo<sup>&reg;</sup> helps to decrease energy consumption, saving both time and money, in addition to reducing maintenance worries and expenses.


The convenient and efficient TurboTreater line operates as a "build-your-own" furnace, allowing customers to order furnaces specified to their unique needs.


The Turbo²Treater offers increased quenching speed and uniform cooling, as well as a flexible, dynamic cooling system with alternating cooling gas flow.


This multi-purpose vacuum furnace series is available in all-metallic or graphite insulated hot zone packages and would be a perfect fit for your particular brazing application.

Multi Treater

This multi-purpose vacuum furnace is designed for heavy loads, fast purging and increased cooling rates - ideal for gas nitriding, ferritic nitrocarburizing, ProNox, clean tempering and annealing.
Multi Treater

Ipsen Global Vertical

The GV provides users with the best of both worlds: improved uniformity of large production parts during heat-up and cool down segments, and the structural design and space-saving benefits.
Global Vertical Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum Aluminum Brazing Furnace

All vacuum brazing furnaces feature individually controlled heating elements that surround the work zone minimizing cycle time and providing precise, uniform heating of the workload.
Vacuum Aluminum Brazing

Vacuum Carburizing with Acetylene - AvaC

One of the most important advantages of this process is high carbon availability, ensuring extremely homogenous carburizing even for complex geometries and very high load densities.
Vacuum Carburizing with Acetylene

Vacuum Oil or Gas Quench Furnaces (VOQ)

The two-chamber design of the VOQ can meet all of your changing application needs. The user can select quenching with either oil or inert gas (up to 2-bar positive pressure).
Vacuum Oil Gas Quench

Vacuum Tempering with Atmosphere Draw

Unique aspects of the ADIV system include a cooling cartridge that is inserted into the furnace during heating; a modular, cartridge-type heating element; and a plug-mounted fan for efficient recirculation.
Vacuum Tempering

Vacuum Furnace Software

Ipsen has the most cutting-edge and up-to-date technology for all of our customers' needs.