TITAN® – where legacy meets innovation.

TITAN® is built using an innovative, flow-production process that integrates premium components, all developed with the customer in mind. Endurance testing combined with ongoing user feedback allows the TITAN to remain agile while setting a standard of excellence. In addition, our inspired controls are continuously enhanced for usability and precision.

To learn more, email us at Sales@IpsenIndia.com.

TITAN Cost Savings Calculator

The TITAN furnace simulation tool is a simple, step-by-step vacuum heat-treat process analyzer that provides the user with an informative report showing both the positive environmental benefits and significant cost advantages of running a TITAN furnace (as compared to conventional vacuum furnaces). 

TITAN cost savings calculator

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The TITAN Experience At-A-Glance:          

  • Ipsen-quality workmanship provides long-lasting equipment and precise processing capabilities
  • Our engineers created a unique, innovative flow-production process that uses premium components while reducing customer investment
  • Customized options provide tailored solutions to meet customer needs
  • Quick delivery, installation and startup
  • Rent or lease options allow customers to meet ever-changing production demands
  • Available in several sizes, horizontal and vertical configurations, nitrogen or argon quench and graphite or all-metal hot zone construction
  • Intelligent controls provide you with your very own electronic metallurgist
  • Capable of meeting Nadcap and AMS 2750D/2750E applicable requirements
  • Standardized to work anywhere in the world, in any language  

To discuss your vacuum furnace requirements, contact Niranjan More, Sales Manager – Vacuum Products.

Download the TITAN Brochure (PDF)