Vacuum Tempering with Atmosphere Draw

Ipsen Vacuum Temper System with Atmosphere Draw

Our atmosphere draw internal vacuum (ADIV) temper system is an innovative modular design that encompasses heating, recirculation and cooling components to provide internal cooling and vacuum purging.

Unique aspects of the ADIV system include:

  • Cooling cartridge that is inserted into the furnace during heating
  • Modular, cartridge-type heating element
  • Plug-mounted fan for efficient recirculation.

These features combine to create a reliable heat-treating solution for vacuum draw furnace applications. Options for additional process capabilities like gas nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing* allow the user to configure a highly flexible installation that is ideal for use as a stand-alone unit or within an existing heat process line.

To discuss your vaccum furnace requirements, contact Niranjan More, Sales Manager - Vacuum Products.

* Process capability options may add additional costs